ASU Online Students

ASU Online campus students are eligible and encouraged to participate in Study Abroad Office programs.  When choosing your target population(s) for your program, keep in mind that tens of thousands of ASU Online students are eligible to study abroad on your program!


Often, online students are interested in participating in study abroad because it offers them the chance to develop a global perspective in their field of study, gain a sense of direction and purpose for their future career, and begin to build a network of professional contacts around the world.  Moreover, this is a great opportunity for in-person interaction with professors and classmates – an opportunity they cannot get from their online courses.

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Marketing to online students can be difficult because all marketing will have to be done virtually.  Therefore, be strategic about your use of electronic and social media marketing.

The following marketing strategies can be utilized to reach ASU Online students:

Electronic Marketing

  • Partnerships with Online Faculty. Identifying faculty who teach online courses in the same discipline as your course and asking them to share your program using email or Blackboard is a great way to reach online students.
  • Electronic Info Session.  ASU Online students may not be able to attend the info sessions that you give on campus.  Therefore, having an electronic info session with Adobe Connect (or other platforms) allows you to give students all the information they need and let them ask questions about your program.
  • Ads in College Box in MyASU. ASU Online students spend a considerable amount of time on the computer.  Posting ads in College Boxes on their MyASU home page will enable you to reach a number of possible applicants.
  • Article for ASU Now. All ASU students receive the digital ASU Now newsletter that highlights opportunities and programs at the university.  Writing an article for ASU Now that gives an overview of your program and highlights the exciting excursions that students will go on while abroad is a great way to gain notice from the ASU Online community.

Social Media

All social media strategies that you use for marketing to ASU students can also be used to target ASU Online students. Use your network at ASU to find the correct platforms to reach these students through social media!

barcelona-esp-porto-por-jacabo-cabrera-ramirezAccepting ASU Online students can be challenging for certain programs due to in-person aspects of courses.  However, faculty are encouraged to be flexible in their course format in order to accommodate ASU Online students, as well as non-ASU students.  Faculty can create an online Blackboard course that mirrors the in-person course.  Additionally, faculty should consider allowing students to attend using Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, or  Skype.

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