Benefits of Faculty Directed Programs

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Students have a number of options when choosing a study abroad program. For marketing purposes, it is essential to communicate the benefits Faculty-Directed Programs offer students that they might not receive with a third-party provider or an exchange program.

1. The short duration of Faculty-Directed Programs allows students to have an experience abroad while not missing out on on-campus life, family duties, opportunities for additional income, etc. Additionally, short term summer and winter-term programs allow students to fit international study into their degree maps – this is notably relevant for majors that have tight degree maps such as engineering, music, etc.

2. Faculty-Directed Programs are directed by ASU faculty whom participants will meet in advance. This could be important for students who are intimidated by an international experience because they have the chance to establish a relationship with a faculty member before going abroad. Moreover, studying with ASU faculty assures participants and parents that students will receive the same quality of teaching as they would on an ASU campus.

3. ASU Faculty-Directed Programs offer students direct ASU credit and assurance that credit for an exact course will be received abroad. Students, therefore, know exactly what credit they will be receiving when they sign up for the program. Credit from exchange programs and provider programs is not guaranteed to transfer directly to a student’s degree and may have to be counted as an elective.