Classroom Visits

Classroom visits provide a platform to promote your program in a classroom setting.  The Study Abroad Office suggests holding a number of classroom visits to get students interested in your program and to let them know about upcoming Information Sessions and important dates.

While you should definitely give a presentation in each of your own classes (or post on Blackboard for online courses), we encourage you to also use your network at ASU, asking colleagues if you or a past student participant may present information on your program in the first or last few minutes of their class(es).

Your info session should include the following topics- (9).png

 Make sure to bring Program Flyers and a Student Sign-Up Sheet with you!

Use your network! (4).png

If you or a past student participant is unable to attend classes to give in-person presentations, you can ask your colleagues at ASU (or other universities) to say a few words about your program and important dates.  Provide them with program flyers and your contact information to give to interested students.  You can also ask them to pass around a Student Sign-Up Sheet for you to collect information on interested students.