College Newsletter and Websites

College/Department Newsletters

Kaili, Guizhou, China - CIEE Intensive Language Program Nanjing, China – Allison Harissis – Red Dragon.jpgMany colleges and departments at ASU send out newsletters with announcements, student highlights, opportunities, etc.  An example of this is the Barrett Honors College Listserv, known as the Honors-L, which serves as the primary method of communication between the deans, faculty, and staff of the college and the Barrett student body.

To submit an article to a newsletter like Honors-L, there may be a submission page online, or you may need to speak with the individual in charge of creating the newsletter.

Check out the tips below for creating an effective article in order to maximize the impact your article will have on students.

College/Department Websites

College websites are an effective marketing strategy to attract students to your program. Putting an ad or an article on these websites will provide the following exposure:

  • Students that have yet to enter the university system will visit the college websites, so you can reach potential participants for future years;
  • Being located on a college/department website will attract students who are looking for programs in that academic discipline; and
  • Being located on a college/department website ties your program to the academic track of those specific programs.

There are a number of people in charge of uploading content into ASU College/Department websites. We suggest contacting the Communications Specialists within the targeted college or department to ask who is responsible for uploading the content.

Check out the tips below to make sure the article or ad used will be most effective.


You will want to strategically choose which newsletters and websites in which to market your program.  Utilize the identifying/finding your target market page to make sure you are targeting the appropriate colleges and departments at ASU.