Facebook Events

Creturn-to-facebook-buttonreating an event on Facebook is a great way to invite prospective students to in-person marketing events that you are organizing such as info sessions.  Additionally, once students are confirmed in your program, you can create events to remind them of upcoming pre-departure orientations and other events they have to attend to participate in your program!

How to create an event on Facebook:

Step 1: Log in to Facebook

Step 2: Go to http://www.facebook.com/groups

Step 3: On the upper right hand corner of the news-feed, click on the “create” button.

step 1.png

Step 4: Enter all pertinent information about your event and invite attendees! On the top left of the event portal, you can choose to make your event public or private. For info sessions and other marketing events, make your event public!  However, for events that are just for participants, we suggest making the events private.

step 2.png

To learn how to create an event from the Facebook App, watch the following video:

You can also create an event through your Facebook pages for your program: