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Marketing with Facebook:

There are many options to market your program on Facebook, including creating a group or page for your program; creating events for your info sessions and other important meetings and events; and paying for ads to appear in students’ Facebook timelines. For more information about how to use these different marketing tools, see below:

instagram-20 to see how to create a Facebook Group for your program.

instagram-20 to see how to create a Facebook Page for your program.

instagram-20 to see how to create a Facebook Event.

instagram-20 to see how to post ads on Facebook.

When to use Facebook:

Facebook can be used at all stages of your marketing efforts and, like all social media platforms, Facebook marketing will be most effective if it is used consistently. We suggest creating any pages and groups during the initial planning stages of your program and interacting with potential student participants regularly.

Facebook Events can be created over the duration of your marketing efforts.  For example, when you have an info session or other in-person marketing events coming up, consider creating an event page and inviting interested students.

Ads can also be used at any point during your marketing efforts, though we suggest posting them at the beginning of the academic year – when students are looking for opportunities, and during your program’s marketing timeline pushes.


The content that should be included in Facebook marketing efforts will vary depending on if you are using groups, pages, events, or ads.  For more detailed information on content ideas for each, visit their pages.

How to use Facebook:

New to Facebook? instagram-20 to view the Facebook user’s guide.