Located on the MyASU homepage, every student has a college box with announcements and stories from within their college and ASU. It is noteworthy that while all students will have a college box, each student’s box is unique based on their academic track.  For example, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will post stories that will only appear within their students’ college box.

college box with edits.png

Faculty Directors can strategically post ads and highlights for their upcoming programs within target students’ college boxes by following the steps below:

Selecting Universities%2FPrograms (11).png

The text that you create for students’ college boxes should be short, captivating, and tell them what they need to know.

The text should also include links for students to find more information – it is recommended that you provide a link to your program’s online brochure. Other links that you may want to include as appropriate are other electronic or social media pages for your program. Provide the links in the format shown below in the example of an ad posted by the ASU Study Abroad Office:

Study Abroad Showcase

Join us for the annual ASU Study Abroad Showcase (live link to: on Monday, October 24. On the second floor of the Memorial Union on the Tempe campus from 11 am – 3 pm, learn about 250 study abroad programs, explore funding options, speak with study abroad alumni, take home travel-related giveaways, and much more. 
Already curious? Start your search (live link to: and continue the conversation on October 24. Where will you go?

Tip: the college box is a great way to announce upcoming info sessions and deadlines!

Selecting Universities%2FPrograms (12).png

You also have the option of adding a small image to include with your message.  Images should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be no more than 140 x 200 pixels
  • Not have text within image
  • Be square (ideal)

Below is an example of the image that was included with the previous ad posted by the ASU Study Abroad Office:

CLAS Box Study Abroad - Fair.jpg

Selecting Universities%2FPrograms (14).png

Communications Specialists within colleges or departments are responsible for updating students’ MyASU college boxes.  You will need to contact the Communications Specialist within the specific college or department that you are trying to market to and provide them with the following information:

  • Your name;
  • Program name;
  • Overview of program;
  • Why students in their college or department will be interested in your program; and
  • The text (with links) and image from steps 1 and 2.

To find the name(s) and contact information for Communication Specialists, visit the college or department staff listings. Note: their staff title may not be Communications Specialists, but it will be similar.

Please keep in mind that Communications Specialists can say no. If the Communications Specialists do not have room or do not think that your banner is applicable to the students in their departments, they will not upload it.