Non-ASU Students

australia-and-indonesia-heather-thompson-3During the program proposal process, all Faculty-Directed have the option of making their programs open to non-ASU students. While accepting outside students may not be feasible for all programs, opening programs to non-ASU students has helped past programs meet their minimum enrollments.

Non-ASU students may be interested in your program for a number of reasons, though, the most common reason is that your program is unique and their home study abroad office does not offer anything comparable. Just like with ASU students, when marketing your program to non-ASU students you will want to identify the benefits that you program has to offer.  Utilize the Identifying/Finding your Target Market page to strategically market your program.

To effectively market your program to Non-ASU Students, you will want to first, identify other universities/programs on which to focus your marketing efforts, and second, plan how you will reach the interested students within these universities/programs.


To begin your marketing efforts for non-ASU students, start by identifying universities where you will focus your efforts.  Universities that meet both of the following criteria will be the easiest marketing targets:

  1. You have a network within the university.  Utilizing already established networks and relationships that you have developed in your professional career will simplify your marketing efforts at other universities.  Ask your network to connect you with other faculty or academic advisors that would be willing to speak with students about your program and collect emails from students who might be interested (don’t forget to supply them with flyers and your contact information!)
  2. The university has a robust department in the same academic discipline of your program. Targeting universities that have a large student body in the academic discipline of your program is ideal.  Interest in your program discipline is already established at these universities, so you know in advance that your marketing efforts will reach many interested students.

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When marketing to non-ASU students, you can use many of the same marketing strategies that you use for ASU students. However, because the students will not be on ASU’s campuses, you will have to rely on your network at other universities for your in-person marketing efforts and focus other marketing efforts electronically and on social media.

In-Person Marketing

In-person marketing is the most effective form of marketing.  Therefore, get creative to allow for this form of marketing, even if you are not physically present at the university.

  • Use your network to partner with faculty and academic advisors at the university. Ask your network to connect you with other faculty or academic advisors that would be willing to speak with students about your program and collect emails from students who might be interested. You can provide them with a PDF version of your flyer, or send them a hard copy through the mail.
  • Visit the university (if possible). Consider speaking with the Study Abroad Office located at the university and ask if it is possible to attend their Study Abroad Fair or other marketing events.

Social Media

All social media strategies that you use for marketing to ASU students can also be used to target non-ASU students. Use your network to find the correct platforms to reach students at other universities through social media.

Electronic Marketing

Electronic marketing will be key when reaching non-ASU students.  The following electronic marketing strategies can be utilized:

  • Email interested students. Using the emails collected from in-person marketing efforts, you can send out a number of emails to interested students to help them through the application process, remind them of upcoming deadlines, let them know about scholarship opportunities, etc.
  • Electronic Info Session.  Non-ASU students will not be able to attend the info sessions that you host on campus.  Therefore, having an electronic info session with Adobe Connect (or other platforms) is a great way to give students all the information they need and let them ask questions about your program.
  • College Newsletters and Websites. Use your network at the university to find out how to post an ad about your program in college newsletters on their college website.


Accepting non-ASU students could be challenging for certain programs due to in-person aspects of courses.  However, faculty are encouraged to be flexible in their course format in order to accommodate non-ASU students, as well as ASU Online students.  Faculty can create an online Blackboard course that mirrors the in-person course or can consider allowing students to attend classes using Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, or  Skype.