Online Brochure

Your International Coordinator will work with you you to create a web brochure with engaging and accurate information for interested students.  The online brochure will be accessible via the ASU Study Abroad website and will include information such as:

  • An overview of the program;
  • Location details;
  • Eligibility requirements, including minimum class standing and GPA requirement;
  • Courses offered on the program;
  • Areas of study;
  • Language of instruction;
  • Faculty contact information;
  • Details about housing during the program;
  • Accessibility for individuals with disabilities;
  • Cost information, including the program fee and costs not included in the program fee;
  • Funding opportunities;
  • Links to additional resources;
  • etc.

Additionally, this brochure serves as the portal for students to begin an application for your program.


If the application for your program is not yet open, faculty should encourage students to click “Save to Favorites.”  This feature will collect students’ information and can be used to inform students when the application opens.


We encourage you to spend time ensuring that the information you are providing is correct (managing student expectations) but also engages students (concise and dynamic).  Incorporating student-produced photos or videos and/or including student quotes and recommendations will greatly increase student interest.