Today’s students are bombarded with ads, and because of their prevalence, students often overlook them.  However, when the source of promotion is another student – someone who is in their same academic track, who lives in the same city, who is in the same clubs as they are – individuals are much more likely to trust what they are told and listen to the advice given to them.  

Therefore, peer-to-peer marketing is one of the most, if not the most, effective form of promotion for you program.  This form of marketing can include:

  • Recruiting your former program participants to attend the Study Abroad Showcase;
  • Having past participants present at your classroom visits;
  • Having past participants present in some of their own courses (with the permission of the professor);
  • Having past participants be available to answer questions via email; 
  • Having past participants “like” and post on your social media platforms; and
  • Having past participants share some of their favorite memories and photos on their own social media accounts.

Make sure to plan ahead and ask participants to help with marketing efforts for the next year while you are abroad on your program!

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