Today’s marketing is becoming increasingly electronic – websites, online newsletters, and social media are slowly replacing the physical, paper ads of the past.  However, print advertising is still holding strong in certain niches.

For Faculty Directors promoting their program, print marketing is a great option to reach students on their home campus, as well as to enhance their in-person strategies.

Print marketing is effective for the following reasons:

  1. Print lets people unplug! Hours of a student’s day are spent on phones and computers – handing them a physical piece of paper offers them a chance to look up from their phone.
  2. It grabs students’ attention! There is a lot less print marketing today, so every time a student is handed a flyer at a showcase, expo, fest, or on their walk to class, they read it.
  3. It will act as a reminder! A week after you hand a student a program flyer, they could find it tucked away in their notebook, pocket, etc. It is almost like two waves of marketing in one!

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