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snapchatSnapchat is an image messaging mobile application (app) primarily used for creating messages known as “snaps.” Snapchat’s original platform was to share images or videos that were intentionally short-lived and self-deleting. However, Snapchat has recently expanded from being a simple photo and video sharing app to a robust marketing tool.


Users can edit their snaps to include filters and effects, text captions,
drawings, and “geofilters” which are available in certain geographical locations and allow users to have special graphical overlays on their snaps.

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Marketing with Snapchat:england-snapchat

Step 1: Add friends.

When using Snapchat to market your Faculty-Directed program, the first step is to get a following. Ask students in your courses and at in-person marketing efforts to add your program’s account to their Snapchat. You can also include your Snapchat username in your other marketing strategies to get students to follow your account.

Step 2: Snap!

For marketing purposes Snapchat can be used in two ways:

(1) Sending snaps to targeted “friends” on Snapchat; and
(2) Creating a story for your “friends” to view.

Sending snaps to targeted “friends” will make sure that they see your snap as it will appear in their messages.  However, we recommend that in addition, you always add your snaps to your story. Your story can be seen by all of your followers, even if you do not send it to them personally and can be re-watched many times.

When to use Snapchat:

Like all social media platforms, Snapchat marketing will only be effective if it is used consistently. Though you do not need to snap daily, using Snapchat multiple times a week – for announcements and with images of the program destination – will have the greatest return on your efforts.

As a social media platform that focuses on images and videos,  Snapchat is ideal for marketing when your program is abroad to next year’s potential students. However, once you have a following on Snapchat, it can also be used to recruit before your program. Uploading pictures to Snapchat and adding it to your story with intriguing captions will keep students interested year round! You can also use Snapchat to announce info sessions and other information for prospective students before important deadlines.


Use Snapchat to show highlights of the program, such as students participating in cultural activities, beautiful landscapes, famous monuments, art, etc. Also consider adding short, captivating captions to your snaps – it is a great way to boost interest in the study abroad location!

How to use Snapchat:

New to Snapchat? instagram-20 to view the Snapchat user’s guide.