Social Media

Today’s students spend an extensive amount of time on social media. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will give your program considerable exposure to ASU students, especially ASU Online Students and Non-ASU Students, whom you might not get the opportunity to market to in-person.

This section of the toolkit will outline the social media platforms available for you to use as a marketing tool and give you strategies on using the ones that are best for your program.

Social media marketing is not required for the successful marketing of a program, but, when used effectively, can increase program enrollment and is also a good way to engage confirmed participants before, during, and after the program.

If you do choose to use social media to market your program, it should not be used as the primary marketing effort but should be used to enhance your In-Person, Print, and Electronic marketing once you already have interest from students.  Additionally, it should be noted that social media marketing is only effective when used regularly.  Frequent posts on social media will attract a number of participants to your program, keep students up-to-date on relevant information, interest them in the highlights and the region you will be visiting, and remind them of important due dates.

The following Social Media Platforms can be used to market your program:

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Additionally, each Social Media platform has different content possibilities and will appeal to different learning styles:

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