Student FAQs

Students often ask Faculty Directors the following questions at marketing events.  Read through these before any in-person marketing event to make sure that you can answer any questions students throw at you!


Can I use my Financial Aid on this program?

For GIE Programs:

Yes! GIE Programs are considered semester programs, so Financial Aid can be used to cover the costs of the program.

*When asked this question, we recommend that Faculty advise students to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor to make sure students understand all of the options and limitations of Financial Aid.

For Faculty-Directed Programs:

Sometimes.  Faculty-Directed Programs are considered summer courses.  Students can use financial aid for summer programs in the following scenarios:

– Students are taking at least 6 credits over the summer term (If your study abroad program is less than 6 credits, students can take online courses or on-campus courses during the summer term to reach the 6 credit minimum).

– Students have not used all of their financial aid package for the academic year (Financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis that includes the Fall and Spring Semesters, as well as summer.  So, if students have not used the full awarded package at the end of the Spring semester, they are able to use the remaining amount for the Summer term.)

*When asked this question, we recommend that Faculty advise students to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor to make sure students understand all of the options and limitations of Financial Aid.

When will I be billed for my application fee/program fee? When will it be due?

All applications fees are due one month after a student applies to you program.

Program fees can be paid all at once, or split into two, equal payments.  If students choose to split the payment, the first payment is due on the original due date and the second payment will be due exactly one month later (e.g. Summer program fees are due May 25.  If students split the payment, the first payment is due May 25, and the second payment will be due June 25).

The following list shows due dates for all FD and GIE programs:

Summer Programs: May 25
Pre-Fall GIE: August 25
Fall Semester: August 25
Winter Break GIE: November 25
Pre-Spring GIE: November 25
Spring Semester: December 25
Spring Break GIE: February 25
Post-Spring GIE: April 25

How will I be billed for the program?

All programs will be charged to students’ ASU student accounts and can be paid using the same methods that they would normally use to pay other ASU charges.


Are there scholarships that I can apply for?

Yes! There are a number of scholarships and funding opportunities available for ASU Students, both internal to ASU and external as well.  Students should attend a “Financing My Study Abroad Workshop” held every other Monday and twice a month online, as well as visit the ASU Study Abroad website to explore scholarships and funding opportunities. (more information can be found on the ASU Study Abroad Website:

Additionally, for marketing purposes, it would be smart to identify and point out a couple scholarship opportunities that will work for students on your program.

When should I start applying for scholarships?

Now! Many scholarships have only one application deadline that may fall before the program application deadline.  This is especially true for summer programs: many scholarship deadlines have already passed by mid/late-Spring semester.  Advise students to seek out as many scholarship opportunities as they are even remotely qualified for – after all, the worst case scenario is they don’t get the scholarship; best case, free money!

Finances%2FBilling%2FScholarships (6).png

When is the application due date?

Every program type has a different application deadline. Make sure that you know the application due date for you program before any in-person marketing effort that you do!

Summer Programs: March 1
Pre-Fall GIE: March 1
Fall Semester: March 1
Winter Break GIE: September 25
Pre-Spring GIE: September 25
Spring Semester: September 25
Spring Break GIE: November 15
Post-Spring GIE: November 15

When will the application open?

For Faculty-Directed Programs, applications open once the budget is approved and the program fee can be posted for students to see.  If the application is not open for you program when talking to students, suggest that they go to the Online Brochure and click the “Save to Favorites” button.  This way, students will be notified when the application is opened and you will have their information for your future marketing use.

What do I have to do to apply?

Tell students to visit the program’s Online Brochure and click the “Apply Now” button.  Students will need their ASU login credentials to create an application.  Once they have created an application, they have to finish all of the tasks within their application (including signing documents, submitting forms, reviewing resources, and sometimes completing quizzes).

Once all of the tasks have been finished, students will wait for the status of the application to change to Accepted, Waitlist, or Denied. Students who have been Accepted must confirm their participation in the program by clicking the “Commit” button in the “Confirmation of Participation” panel in their online application.

What are the eligibility and application requirements?

Eligibility requirements vary by program.  This may sound redundant because you set the eligibility requirements for your program, but make sure you are familiar with the specific application requirements for you program before attending any in-person marketing events.

If I apply to your program, am I committed to participate?

No, applying for a program does NOT mean that you are committed to going.  Once you are accepted into a program, you will have time to decide whether you want to commit or withdraw.

When should I expect to hear a decision about my application?

The decision timeline varies by program and by International Coordinator.  However, for all Faculty-Directed Programs and GIE Programs, applications are accepted on a rolling bases.  Encourage students to apply early so they can start planning early!

Is this program competitive?

Never say “no” to this question; it will give off the appearance that students are not interested in your program.  But, be honest with students if asked this question.  If it is a first time program, say so! If your program has not been very competitive in the past say “it varies from year to year” and encourage them to apply early.


What kind of credit will I receive for your program?

For all Faculty-Directed and GIE Programs students earn ASU credit and grades.  This means that the credit they get will count just like an on-campus course.

Make sure to do some research to see what majors can satisfy their core courses with your program before in-person marketing events.

How do I register for your course?

Students register for their study abroad course(s) through their MyASU, just as they would for an on-campus course.

Students often need a course override to register, but this can be easily taken care within your department.



Is the program safe in the country(ies) where we will be studying?

The ASU Study Abroad Office (SAO) reviews and monitors every program to make sure students will be safe.  If the SAO did not believe that students would be safe, you wouldn’t be standing there talking to them about it!