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YouTube is a social media video platform with over a billion users and more than one hundred million hours of videos watched daily.

Faculty Directors can create marketing videos for their programs and upload them on YouTube to reach ASU students, ASU Online students, and non-ASU students.


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Marketing with YouTube:

YouTube is not a marketing strategy, but rather a platform to upload videos to use in other marketing strategies such as your program’s Online Brochure.

When to use YouTube:

We recommend creating and uploading any videos to YouTube during the initial planning stages of your program; this will allow you to use the link to your video in all other marketing strategies.

The best part: once your video is uploaded to YouTube, it is there to stay!


instagram-20 for tips to make your video AND content to include in your FD marketing video.

How to use YouTube:

New to YouTube? instagram-20 to view the YouTube user’s guide.

Check out the links below to watch videos that other Faculty Directors have made for their program promotion!

Peru Summer 2017
Program: From Lima to Machu Pichu: Exploring Healthcare, Culture, and Ethics in Peru
Factuly Directors: Aliria Muñoz and Rita Wermers

ASU Walton Scholars Morocco 2015 –
Program: Sustainability Across Morocco
Faculty Director: Dr. Mary Jane C. Parmentier